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Reliable Crushed Rock in the Fraser Valley

Sales and Product Support

Customer Service

The expert sales team at Mainland Sand & Gravel can help you determine what grade and size of aggregate will suit your project best. Our sales team knows the ins and outs of this business like no one else, so if you are looking for something specific, our team will know exactly how to help.

Quality Control/Assurance

Mainland has an in-house Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) certified quality control laboratory. We utilize this laboratory to ensure the products it manufactures meet industry-required specifications.

Aggregate Manufacturers

Mainland supplies both natural sand and gravel products, as well as quarried products to customers throughout the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. Whether you are a home owner looking for aggregate to construct a backyard playground, or a major contractor sourcing aggregate for construction of a new highway, we can help.


Truck Delivery

Mainland provides a truck dispatch service for customers for all products from any of our sites. Our truck dispatch team ensures that our customer’s shipments are delivered in a safe and timely manner to your project site. For truck dispatch, please call 604 882-6090.

Barge Delivery

Mainland has extensive experience shipping product to project sites directly from barges. Using one of the depot barge ramps, a rented barge ramp, or through the use of the Tri-VC 1 conveyor off-loader, shipping product directly to your site off a barge can be a great cost saving method for transporting aggregate to your project site. For barge delivery, please call 604 882-6090.

Barge Ramp Rentals and Storage Space

Mainland owns or controls six barge ramps on the Fraser River. Each of these ramps is available for rent. Additionally, we provide barge unloading and/or loading of bulk materials. Some of Mainland’s locations have secure space available for short- or long-term lease. For more information regarding barge ramp rentals and/or short term lease of land, please call 604 882-6090.

Material Handling

The Tri-VC 1 conveyor barge, a conveyor offloading system, is a unique piece of equipment that provides Mainland with the ability to offload barges at remote locations. The ability to offload directly off barges onto the shore can be an economical option for your project. Mainland has utilized this off-loader barge for various projects on the Fraser River, the Gulf Islands, and Vancouver Harbour. For more information, please contact 604 882-6090.

Rail Delivery

Mainland has the only aggregate operation in the Lower Mainland – and one of the few in British Columbia – that’s capable of loading rail cars. Mainland’s Cox Station Quarry has a CN Rail-owned siding inside the quarry’s boundaries. Mainland has loaded rail cars for CN Rail, as well as several other customers with destinations in northern BC and Alberta.